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Indian Leather Industry (Earthlings)

Leather is often considered a mark of sophistication. Every time we carry that trendy clutch & handbag or don leather shoes & jackets, we, without realizing, leave behind a trail of acute pain & agony for the mute creatures. Few of us recognize that there are multiple ways in which we indirectly support cruelty towards animals as we opt for these products. With the untold stories of horror faced by different animals, as shown in leather can never be a mark of sophistication. Globally, over 10,000 animals are brutally killed every five minutes for their skin. More than life and death, it’s the painful torture which is very disturbing. Worse than being put in a Hitler concentration camp or Guantanamo bay!

We at Merci, recognize that at times we choose these leather products because of the dearth of a high quality alternative. It is therefore our effort to provide you a great product with a classic finish that does not involve any animal cruelty. Merci currently offers offers no-kill handbags, wallets, sling bags and clutches in trendy colors which are very much the flavor of the season.

Also, ‘Merci’ is India’s first social brand, founded by an NGO. Run by a dedicated set of volunteers, Merci contributes 100% of its profits to HEAL causes – Health, Education, Environment, Animal welfare & Livelihood. Being a start-up we do not generate any surplus as of now. However, under our NGO of month program, we contribute a nominal fixed amount to a specific NGO every month. To know more about the NGOs supported since Aug 2014, please visit ‘NGO of the month’. If you wish to nominate an NGO for our program, please fill an online form.

Apart from the Merci, Tapas India Foundation has also incubated an initiative in the Value Education space.

Merci, a French word meaning ‘Thank You’, thus adopts a non-confrontational stance appealing consumers to make an informed choice. This is not a conventional business, but it is more of a movement focused on spreading the message of animal cruelty. Selling non-leather products is only a medium towards achieving the larger objective of creating a more peaceful society where man and the animals co-exist. When you buy a Merci product, you will definitely have an unknown soul bless you for your thoughtful choice.

Merci monsieur, for choosing Compassion through Fashion!

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